June 26, 2022


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Finance advisor says helping clients navigate crippling debts prompted him to support Brother Kevin’s Cappuchin Day Centre

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Helping desperate clients navigate through crippling debts prompted Conor Sheahan to become a supporter of Brother Kevin Crowley and the Cappuchin Day Centre, in Dublin, which feeds thousands of needy people every week.

We have spent years working with clients who find themselves in desperate financial circumstances with banks and other institutions which convinced me that we really need to give something back,” says financial adviser Conor whose company, CKS Finance, specializes in debt and corporate financing.

“Six of my clients took their own lives due to the stress of finding themselves in situations where they felt overwhelmed by the debt and this really brings you face-to-face with the harsh reality that more and more people are finding themselves in need of help from Brother Kevin, whose work over the decades has been heroic.”

Mr. Sheahan is the main sponsor of the Brother Kevin Golf Classic which takes place today at the Grange golf club in Rathfarnham and is also proudly supported by the Irish Independent.

“My late mother who passed away two years ago was a horticulturalist and she and her friends used to run a plant sale in Artane for the Cappuchin Centre and although the sums they raised were modest, mom and her friends used to put a huge effort into the sale.

“When I decided that we would make provision in our budgets for charitable donations every year my mother introduced me to the extraordinary work of Brother Kevin and that’s why we are sponsoring this worthy event,” he adds.

Thirty teams representing a diverse range of companies are taking part in the Golf Classic which is the second of two major annual fund raisers for the Cappuchin Centre – two weeks ago 60 cyclists took part in the Cycle for Brother Kevin event from Dublin to west Cork.

The dramatic growth in inflation has contributed to a major spike in the numbers attending the Cappuchin Day Centre and the costs of running it.

Every day the centre provides 200 breakfasts and another 800 dinners to needy people and also hands out 1400 food parcels once a week.

The centre also offers a range of medical services to its clients which are provided by volunteer medical professionals including a doctor, nurse, dentist, optician, chiropodist and dietician.

Last year the operation cost €3.9m, of which €1.6m was spent on food.

But due to the sharp rise in the price of food alone the bill for 2022 is expected to increase significantly.

The HSE provides €450,000 and the remainder is raised through fund raiser events and donations from the public.

“We can only stay open and provide this service to people in dire need, many of them suffering from anxiety and depression, through the goodness and kindness of people and individual companies – we really depend on the fund raisers such as the cycle and the golf classic,” said Brother Kevin Crowley.

With the continuing growth in the numbers of families and children attending the Centre last year it was decided to extend the dining area to provide space where the children could eat their meals, play and do home work.

A major construction company built the extension and charged Brother Kevin the princely sum of €5.

“The builders provided everything themselves and did a beautiful job for which they charged €5 as a token payment and they insisted that they didn’t want any mention of it at all, it really shows the kindness of people,” he added.

A gofundme page has been opened to coincide with the Brother Kevin Golf Classic in a bid to raise an additional €10,000 to boost the proceeds from the event.

It is organised by Cappuchin Centre fund raisers property consultant Gary Neilson, physiotherapist Damien Boyle and Paul Williams of the Irish Independent.

Said Mr Neilson: “After a hiatus of two years we are delighted that the golf is returning, but in order to maximize the amount of money we raise this year, we have also set up a gofundme page in recognition of how spiraling inflation is driving up the running costs of the Centre.”

Donations can be made to the Bro Kevin Golf Classic at www.gofund.me/7bd22982


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