May 22, 2022


Fine Art Of Business

Financial advisors can help you save more, invest wisely, reduce debt

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Q: What can a financial advisor do for me?

A: Many people I meet with are reluctant to talk with a financial advisor. I get it. Not everyone needs an ongoing relationship with a financial planner or investment advisor. But, it’s good to know someone you can talk to and count on for help.

A financial planner helps to create a plan for meeting your financial goals and guides your progress along the way.

They can help you save more, invest wisely or reduce debt. The first conversation with a financial planner should cover all your goals and priorities, not just financial ones: Family priorities, career status, paying for future health care costs, where you might want to live, future travel plans, starting a business, how often you like to buy a car, planning for college — and more. 

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