June 26, 2022


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Vise Launches New Features to Help Financial Advisors Navigate Market Volatility

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vise, the technology company enabling financial advisors to build personalized portfolios for their clients in minutes, has enhanced its platform to give advisors greater efficiency and more options to tailor portfolios to their clients’ needs.

The product launch comes amid a tumbling stock market, with the S&P 500 experiencing its biggest four-month drop since 1939 at the beginning of the year. This has rattled investors and highlighted the need for high-quality advisory experiences.

Vise’s platform enhancements are designed to support financial advisors as they guide their clients through the volatile market. According to a recent survey by Charles Schwab, 65% of respondents who had a financial plan in place said they feel financially stable, vs. only 40% of those without a plan.

New features include:

  1. Enhanced tax management, including tax-aware transitions for new accounts and automatic tax-loss harvesting, so advisors can maximize savings opportunities for every client on Vise’s platform
  2. Upgraded cash management capabilities so advisors can meet all clients’ cash distribution needs quickly and seamlessly
  3. Improved ability for advisors to scale how actively they want to tilt portfolios toward factor exposure using the new active tilt setting, enabling further customization of the portfolio’s risk/return profile

“Decades of research shows that the silver lining in times of market volatility is the opportunity to take advantage of tax savings,” said S.P. Kothari, Professor of Accounting and Finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a Vise academic advisor. “Vise offers access to technology that automates tax savings strategies and cuts down on manual tasks, helping financial advisers become much more scalable and competitive.”

This new functionality is part of the company’s ongoing effort to enable advisors who serve the mass affluent population, or those with $1 million or less in assets. The mass affluent segment owns over one-third of America’s liquid financial assets.

Vise’s platform helps advisors differentiate themselves from competing options and can save clients money with the ability to offer personalized portfolios rather than limiting investors to generic funds. Vise portfolios offer the option of individual securities as well as ETFs in a single managed account, based on each client’s personal preferences and values, along with market data and advisor inputs.

“We started Vise in order to give more people access to the highest quality financial advice and investment strategies, and the best way to do that is by equipping financial advisors with the best technology and helping them serve more investors,” said Vise Co-founder and CEO Samir Vasavada. “This improved version of our platform gives advisors new tools to help their clients weather this downturn, and moving forward we’ll continue to prioritize the additions and improvements our advisors need most as we work together to power a new era of wealth management.”

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About Vise

Vise is a venture-backed fintech company focused on closing the financial access gap. Its technology platform automatically creates custom investment portfolios and strategies tailored to investors’ life goals, personal values, and preferences. With 2500+ client accounts under management, Vise has raised $128 million from investors including Sequoia, Ribbit Capital, and Founders Fund. The company is based in New York.


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